4 Best Lotions For Cancer Patients

In a previous post I discussed the importance of skin care in patients who have cancer and are undergoing treatments. In this post I wanted to write about the 4 best lotions for cancer patients.

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It has a number of vital functions.  It has the ability to  be an effective barrier to the external environment and helps regulate body temperature. It is very important to look after skin and there are many creams that can help in multiple ways. Some can make the skin seem younger and some (like the ones from octavia wellness) can help with pain relief.

The skin is constantly renewing itself, the cells divide quickly in the deep layers. The older cells move up to the top and are sloughed off. Chemotherapy targets cells that have a high turnover, unfortunately skin cells have a high turnover and are affected by chemotherapy. In addition, chemotherapy slows down healing time.  Both chemotherapy and radiation can disrupt the cell turnover process. This leads to decreased oils in the skin with increased risk of dryness. Unfortunately, chemotherapy can increase the risk of dehydration which will further increase the risk of skin dryness.

4 Best Lotions For Cancer Patients

There are a number of choices on the market and you should choose your lotion depending on what need you have. For dry skin that is irritated my favorite lotions is Miaderm. Miaderm was formulated by a radiation oncologist and is used for radiation dermatitis. This lotion is meant to be used in areas of irritation, it would be too expensive to use as an all over the body lotion but for areas that are not improving this is worth a look.

Lotions For Cancer Patients #1

Miaderm Radiation Relief 4 Oz is formulated using the “Calendula, Hyaluronate and Aloe Vera which were shown in phase III clinical studies to be effective in reducing the occurrence and severity of radiation dermatitis, delaying its onset and minimizing treatment breaks.”

Miaderm has been shown to

  • Reduces radiation’s effects on the skin as it soothes irritated skin.
  • Reduces or eliminates breaks in radiation treatment. This is important. if the skin is too irritated there is an increased risk of infection. In addition, the skin may be too painful to continue with treatment and a break will be needed.
  • I am a big fan of knowing the ingredients. This lotion is water based as is many of the lotions on the market. I
  • There are no steroids. Steroids are great for inflammation but they can thin the skin and are not good for long term use.
  • This lotion is not made with any nuts. So many of the lotions are formulated with nut oils, some people have allergies to nut oils or are sensitive to it.
  • Miaderm is safe for all skin types & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What ingredients are in Miaderm?

Calendula –There are some studies supporting the use of calendula in dermatitis. A study of 254 patients a topical application of 4% calendula resulted in fewer cases of skin irritation in patients undergoing radiation treatment when compared to Biafine. The patient s also experienced less pain. Miaderm contain greater than 10% calndula. 

Other ingredeints in Miaderm,
Hyaluronic acid which  is found in our own skin, it helps hydrate the skin.it has been shown to reduce skin reactions.
Aloe vera which hydrates and smoothes the skin. One study showed it may be a skin protectant.
Marine collagen which can hydrate the skin
If you are experiencing a lot of pain you can talk to your physician about using Miaderm-L Radiation Relief Lotion with 4% Lidocaine 4 Oz

The lidocaine will help numb the pain.

  • Lidocaine is an anesthetic that can provide further pain relief for the skin.
  • No steroids
  • No nut oils

Miaderm information

According to the manufacturers website,

“Miaderm is safe and effective anywhere on the surface of the skin.”

“To provide the maximum benefit for head and neck as well as breast cancer treatments it is beneficial to start a week prior to treatment or at least the initiation of radiation therapy and continue using three times daily through two weeks after radiation treatments have completed.”

“Generally a 4oz. tube of Miaderm Radiation Relief lotion will last approximate 2 to 3 weeks depending on the treatment area.”

“Miaderm Radiation Relief is completely safe to use for radiation therapy, though not at the time of treatment, it is clinically shown to help promote normal skin recovery.”

“Miaderm Radiation Relief can be used on all skin types anywhere on the skin surface where the skin is being treated with radiation. Not recommended for mucous membranes.”

Miaderm-L Radiation Relief with 4% Lidocaine HCL

“Always use under the supervision of a physician.”

“It should be used on open wounds.”

“People who are medications that affects the heart’s rhythm should not use this product.”

“Do not apply more than three to four times a day.”

“DO NOT USE? one hour prior to radiation treatment.”

“Wash hands immediately afterwards to avoid contact with eyes.”

??Miaderm for shingles

Miaderm-L is also recommended for patients seeking relief from the shingles virus. Miaderm-L Radiation Relief with 4% Lidocaine HCL can also be used for people who continue to have pain after a the shingles virus. About 20% of people who get shingles will experience long-lasting pain afterwards. 

Miaderm also comes in a soap form Miaderm Radiation Relief Calendula Soap

Miaderm does not contain any parabens, it is preserved with Phenoxyethanol.

Cons-of Miaderm

Miaderm does contain lanolin which some people are allergic to.

Formulated with PEG or Polyethylene Glycol  which risks contamination with 1,4 Dioxane and Ethylene oxide.

Fragrance is listed but it is not clear if it is a synthetic fragrance or not.

Lotions For Cancer Patients #2

Radiation Cream Burn Skin Relief CamWell Herb to Soothe Botanical (0.63 fl oz) Oncologist-formulated All Natural for Cancer Patients, Painful Itching Rash Soothing Care Chemo Gift All Natural Therapeutic Cream CamWell Hand to Heal (0.63 fl oz) Oncologist-formulated Botanical Skin Care for Cancer Patients, Hand Foot Syndrome, Neuropathy Pain Relief


  • CamWell has been used for over 30 years and is botanical based.
  • It helps calms itchiness and redness inflammation naturally.
  • Speeds the healing of wounds and irritation.
  • Highly-concentrated products are the color and scent of the herbs themselves.
  • Safe for women and men.
  • Made in USA.
  • Camwell is Steroid-free, BPA free, Paraben free, rated safe by the Environmental Working Skin Deep Database.
  • There are no genetically modified medicinal ingredients.
  • There are approximately 25 applications per bottle.


The size of the tube is small 0.64 ounces. It is meant to be applied to small areas of radiation burns, not as an everyday lotion. it would be too costly.

lotion for cancer patients

Lotions For Cancer Patients #3

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion with Macadamia Nut Oil and Promega-7

This lotons claim to fame is macadamia oil.  Macadamia oil is most like sebum our skins natural oils. Macadamia oil penetrates easily into the skin. Macadamia oil has the highest content of palmitoleic and linoleic acid of any natural oil which is great for hydrating the skin.  This is relevant because as we age the proportion of palmitoleic acid in our skin decreases making the skin less supple,

When skin is red and irritated there is higher chance of both pain and infection.

In one study Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion out performed Petroleum. The company also reported less skin tears.


  • Dermatologist tested
  • Fragrance free
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-greasy
  • Exceptional absorption
  • Clinically proven to improve distressed skin

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion comes in a tube or pump bottle. They also sell a hand and foot cream.  It is paraben free and preserved with Phenoxyethanol


If you are allergic to nuts this is not the product for you.

Lotions For Cancer Patients #4

Plain Oils

Rather than using a lotion to hydrate your skin plain oils can be used. Avocado and olive oil are wonderful at hydrating our skin but you may not like the natural smell. Soybean oil is hydrating but you may have concerns using a say product.

Plain Calendula oil or another type of oil. Calendula oil can be purchased or made.Herbal Choice Mari Organic Calendula Oil; 3.4floz

Make your own calendula oil


Oil of your choice. I use Apricot Oil but you can use olive oil.

Dried Calendula Flowers

Vitamin E
Mason jars


Place flowers in a mason jar. Leave an inch from the top of the jar. Fill the jar to the top with the oil of your choice. Place in a paper bag and place in sunlight for 4-6 weeks. You should shake the jar everyday.

Strain with a cheesecloth. The cheese cloth can be compressed to all al the oil to drip out.

Rebottle and use as needed. Never get water into this product

If you do not want to wait 6 weeks you can fill a slower cooker half way and submerge the mason jar for 24 hours on low heat.

You can also use 100%  alcohol. In this method you would mix 1 ounce of dried  calendula flowers along with 7 ounces of oil and 1/2 ounce of 100% alcohol. Place in a blender in the sunlight and mix 3 times a day for 48 hours.

What is your favorite lotions for cancer patients?


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