How To Live A Toxin Free Life

How to live a toxin free life? I would like to say to you that we can certainly live a toxin-free life but in all honesty this is a very difficult thing to do. There's toxins in the air, there's toxins in our soil, and it would  be impossible to live a total 100%...

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Salt or Sugar Craving

Salt or sugar craving Do you ever crave salt or sugar?  I was on the plane the other day and the stewardess  asked me "salt or sugar?" I never heard it worded like this before. My first thought was that question was odd.  The more I thought about it  the more I...

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Substitutes for Household Cleaners

Substitutes for Household Cleaners Hello There and welcome to my site. I wish there were tighter regulation on the ingredients and substances that go into household cleaners. I also wish that manufacturers had to list every ingredient that they used to make a product....

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Freshen Air Without a Diffuser

Freshen Air Without a Diffuser Do you love the smell of essential oils but don't want diffusers all over the place? In this post let's discuss how we can freshen air without a diffuser. You know I am not a fan of synthetic fragrances. I discussed synthetic fragrance...

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How Do Essential Oils Work?

How Do Essential Oils Work? Essential oils are considered a form of alternative medicine.There's a lot of information you're going to find on the Internet, not all of it will be accurate. I would like to concentrate on what the science says, what support can we find...

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