What are the different types of essential oil diffusers?

Have you entered into the world of aromatherapy? Perhaps you just want to relax in a nicely scented room without having to use synthetic fragrances. Let’s talk about the different types of diffusers today.

Different types of essential oil diffusers -Passive Diffusers

Passive diffusers are an easy way to make any room or area smell good. There are number of ways you can use a passive diffuser. You can use a tissue, a cloth and even a cotton ball. If you place a drop or two of essential oil on them, they will diffuse the essential oil into the air as the molecules evaporate from their surfaces. In my last post we talked about a few creative ideas on how to use a passive diffuser.

You can also use a novelty filter such as a bracelet or a pen. Both Young Living and Amazon sell clips that can go in a car or we could just about anywhere.

Reed diffusers are a form of passive diffuser. You simply place a couple of drops of essential oil into a carrier oil and store it in a closer jar. When you want to scent the room, simply remove the cap and add wood reeds. You will need to flip the reeds as the wood dries out. You can be creative with this one. Decorate the jar to match your decor or buy a decorative jar. This is a safe way to scent the  room without using harsh synthetic fragrances.

different types of diffusersDifferent types of essential oil diffusers -ultrasonic diffusers are very popular now. This diffuser uses water, you simply add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. Vibrations will cause the essential oil molecules to disperse into the air. Ultrasonic diffusers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of these ultrasonic diffusers are made from plastic. Essential oils can break down plastic overtime. Remember to clean out your diffuser to help avoid the plastic from degrading. With time, you may see a thick rim within the diffuser. This can be cleaned with white vinegar, there is a recipe below.

Some people feel that ultrasonic diffusers dilute the essential oil too much. It really is your preference. Other people prefer the ultrasonic diffusers as they add water to the room which is ideal in the winter time when the air is very dry.

Different types of essential oil diffusers -Electric diffusers use a small absorbent pad to hold essential oils  as they are heated. Keep your eye on the pad, they should be discarded as the pads breakdown become soiled.

USB diffuser

I have a USB diffuser, it works well when I’m on my computer. It helps invigorate me when I am doing work related tasks.

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Car plug diffusers

There are also car diffusers. This is a great option if you’re in the car for any length of time. Do you think you would feel less stress if you were stuck in traffic and had your diffuser going?

Heated diffusers

Tea light diffuser uses a candle to heat the essential oil. There is some concern that the essential oil may change its composition with this method. There is no doubt that candles add a soothing aviance to a room. This type of candle diffuses comes in many different shapes and sizes. If you are  big on decorating this may be a good choice for you. I have seen ceramic, glass and even stone tea candle diffusers.


essential oils for sensitive skin

Different types of essential oil diffusers nebulizing diffuser

A nebulizing diffuser works similar to an atomizer. A small air pump blows air across a tube creating a vacuum that transforms the essential oil into a fine spray. The mist is entirely composed of the essential oil. Nebulizers are very concentrated, be careful with children and pets. They also use more essential oil quicker than other types of diffusers.

 Cleaning a stained diffuser

  • Fill the diffuser with water.
  • Add 15 drops of white vinegar.
  • Run the diffuser for a few minutes,
  • Empty and wipe.

What is your favorite type of diffuser?

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