Ever’s Purify Mask Review

Masks are very popular and there is good reason, they offer a quick way to help improve your skin’s appearance. In this post, Ever’s Purify Mask review, I will discuss some of the benefits of this mask.

Not everyone will completely love one mask, if you look in the beauty section of any retail store there are a lot to choose from. Some people will prefer the mask for the color and scent and not actually what it does for your skin. Others will prefer a mask which is optimal for their skin type. Ever’s purify skin mask can help clean and purify the skin. Who doesn’t need that?
What I like about this mask
To start off with, I like the scent. it is clean and refreshing. It has an off white color that glides on easily. I try to leave my mask on for at least 15 minutes if not longer. The longer I leave it on the cleaner my pores are. My pores actually appear smaller after using this product. We know that pores do not actually change size but they can appear smaller if debris is cleaned out.
I try to use the mask once a week. Sunday evenings work the best for me as I am usually homebound preparing for the week ahead. Let me tell you what this mask can do.
Ever’s Purify Mask works to,

Rid bacteria and oil from deep within pores to prevent and clear away blemishes.

Removes impurities and tighten pores for smooth, clear skin.

Gentle jojoba beads exfoliate while calendula and magnolia help soothe and reduce the appearance of redness and blemishes.

Instantly calm the skin’s redness and irritation.

Balance the skin’s moisture.

Reduce shine and oiliness.

Leave the skin tone.

More information on the mask HERE

Ingredients in Ever’s Purify Mask

 Ever's Purify Mask Mediterranean Clay  can help  removes impurities and debris to leave the skin clear.

White Peony Flower Stem Cells  has been shown to help balance the skin’s moisture.

Calendula can help reduce the appearance of redness and blemishes.

Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid  help to exfoliate the skin, increase cell turnover and rid the skin of bacteria.

My skin tends to be red and I find when I use this mask the redness dissipates. The longer I leave it on the better the results. Sometimes I will leave it on for over an hour, I find this gives the best results.

Some Information on Ever’s Purify Mask

How often can it be used?

There is no one answer. You will have to experiment to see how often Ever’s Purify Mask will work best for you. Start with just once a week and adjust from there. You need at least 5 minutes for the mask to do its job, this allows the mask to reduce bacteria and clean out the pore which can help prevent breakouts. If you leave the mask longer, there will more calming affects which can help reduce redness and irritation.

Some people choose to use it as a sleeping mask but this is not how this product was intended to be used. Although the mask was developed for facial use, it can be used on any area of that is irritated  such as the back.

Will my acne get worse?

No, your skin should not get worse. Salicylic acid may cause an initial purging effect which should improve as the bacteria and debris is cleaned out. You may notice that blackheads are reduced. It is best to extract these than use Ever’s purify mask as maintaince to help prevent formation of blackheads.

The mask was designed for all types of acne. Whether the acne is associated with your period or hormone changes that occur with menopause, Ever’s Purify Mask can help calm and prevent additional breakouts by keeping the pores clean out.

Can I use this mask if I have dry skin?

Yes, you can use Ever’s Purify Mask if you have dry skin because it is water based. There are some ingredients that can help moisturize and calm the skin such as calendula oil, grape seed oil and aloe.

Redness reduction

Acne cause redness even if the pimple itself is healed there is lingering redness. Some ingredients such as calendula and aloe can help calm the skin and reduce redness and irritation. The mask can help reduce the appearance of a blemish. If you have one spot that is troublesome, you may want to consider Remedy Blemish and Dark Spot Corrector

Reduction of clogged pores

We layer our makeup more now than ever before. Cream primers and other makeup  tend to enter the pore more than powered makeup. With heavy make up use your pores can become clogged with makeup. Little bumps referred to as comedone can develop. Cleaning out your pores on a regular basis can help diminish their occurrence.


Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that most often affects the face, it is typically seen in people who have sensitive skin.  People with rosacea may have acne breakouts. Although any product can cause a reaction a product like Ever’s purify mask can help reduce redness and acne. A patch test should always be performed prior to trying nay product o your face.

What do you look for in a mask?

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