Untitled design (20)I have always liked beautiful flowers but I never made time to enjoy them. When I was younger  I was busy with school, my Mother used to say “make sure you take time to smell the flowers”. I heard this statement often. I once purchased a little card that said “It is difficult to smell the roses when you are up to your neck with sh..”,  you get the point.  She shook her head when I gave it to her. Spin forward a few years later and I have become a gardener, not a good one but a gardener none the less.

Having a hobby will take time, you must nurture it. In the past my schedule had not been flexible which made it difficult to plan a set day of the week to do something. I tried many different things such as painting, piano lessons and scuba diving. I needed to pick something that would work with me and my schedule. If you had said that I would one day be a gardener I would not have believed you. One year I was given more than 10 flats for Mothers Day. I wanted to cry, there was simply no time to plant them. It seemed like it would require an enormous effort, I had no room on my plate.

I switched jobs, my daughter grew older  and things changed. Now I have free time after my husband and daughter leave for work and school respectively. I was working out during this free time or cleaning the house. I need something more, I  wanted to be outside. We had recently purchased a house on an acre of property. We came from a house with a small yard. Now, I work in the garden from 6:30AM until 8AM. I am at my happiest when I get an hour of gardening worked into my morning schedule. Sometimes I feel like I just move rocks from one side of the yard to another just to move them again but it makes me happy. I am filthy dirty when I am done but it is nothing a shower cannot cure.

Hobbies have been shown to help stimulate the mind and prevent feelings of depression.  Enjoying a hobby can help quiet the mind and slow cognitive decline. A hobby may also help prevent hand stiffness if the hobby requires manual dexterity.

Need a hobby? Think about what works for you. There is always time in the schedule. Maybe early in the morning or later in the night, life cannot be all work and no play. It is important that you do not get into a rut with the mundane and the chores that are essential. Branch out, there are plenty of things on line. You Tube has videos on just about anything. Check your local area for meet up groups who have similar interest. Most of all, be happy and hobby along.

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One seed can do so much.

One seed can do so much.


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