Health Concerns With Glass Cleaners

One of the leading glass cleaning brands was considered a D on the Environmental Working Groups safety scale. There were respiratory, skin irritant and environmental concerns. Today I wanted to talk about the health concerns with glass cleaners.

When someone asks me what I think of a particular product the first thing I do is look at the label for the ingredients. Let’s do this. The image below is the list of ingredients for this leading household glass cleaner.

If you look a the bottle the ingredients are vague.

The label lists,



Cleaning agents

Wetting agents



SCJ formula #35*14153

terms such as carriers, cleaning agents, wetting agents are very broad, we don’t know what specific ingredient is in it.

Let’s do a little research. If you go to the manufacturer’s website you can look around a little. Look all the way at the bottom. You will see ingredients. It too a little searching but I was able to locate the ingredients as well as an explanation of what each ingredient does.

Health concerns with glass cleaner

Source What is inside 

Glass cleaner Health concerns -Ingredients

Liquitint® Sky Blue Dye is a colorant, or dye. We add dyes to products for a variety of reasons including helping you see where you applied the product, when a product is used up, or for aesthetic reasons. Liquitint® is a trademark and product of Milliken & Company, which is responsible for its contents.

My thoughts on blue dye

The manufacturers website mentions that the color allows us to see where we put it. I don’t know about you but once I spray it I can’t see blue anywhere, I just see that the area is wet. Plain water also leaves a wet area so I am not sure why the color is in this product. We would also be able to determine the amount left my looking at the level. Don;t we do that with a glass of water? We are able to determine whether a glass of water is near empty. lastly, they suggest aesthetics. Do we really need dyes in our cleaning products. Are we trained to associate certain colors with cleanliness?

essential oils

Are there safer alternatives to window cleaners?

How about a DIY window cleaner?

If you have health concerns with glass cleaners than you may like these DIY recipes.

If you like the smell of the traditional sweet window cleaners, add a drop or two of your favorite citrus essential oil. Lemon essential oil is my go-to essential oil for cleaning but you can customize this to whatever smell you like:)

If you missed the list of 6 Chemicals to avoid in the lesson on Day 1, go back and take a read over it. You can go through all the Days in the “UNITS” tab. When you check out this list from Day 1, you will find one of these ingredients is called 2- Butoxyethanol. Please do not ask me to pronounce this word.? The important take away is that this chemical is used in all window cleaners to give the cleaner that sweet, recognizable smell to ultimately mask the chemical blend that is actually in the window cleaner.

health concerns with window cleanersRecipe #1
1 cup Water
1/2 cup of Rubbing Alcohol
1/2 cup Vinegar
5 drops Lemon Essential Oil (optional)

Recipe #2 This one is my favorite.
1 cup Water
3 Tablespoons Rubbing Alcohol
1/4 capful Thieves Household Cleaner
1-2 drops Lemon Essential Oil (optional)

You can buy Thieves cleaner here

Mix all ingredients in a glass spray bottle. I buy my glass bottle here.

You can use plastic if you are not storing this solution in the bottle or if you are not using the Lemon Essential Oil.

Shake before each use.

The ratio to water is a personal preference. You can adjust the rubbing alcohol to larger amounts if you feel your cleaning job needs more power! This is a DIY recipe you really can’t mess up the ratio’s on as it will still work well with more or less

Poison Control

If you or someone you are with has an exposure, call your local emergency number (such as 911), or your local poison center can be reached directly by calling the national toll-free Poison Help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from anywhere in the United States.

Do you have any health concerns with glass cleaners?
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