Heart rate monitor watch information

Fitness watches are popular devices.

According to the Consumer Technology Association,

“Wearables: Again driven by the popularity of fitness activity trackers, the total wearables market in 2017 – including other health and fitness devices, wearables and smartwatches – is expected to reach 48 million unit sales (14 percent increase) and earn $5.5 billion in revenue (three percent increase).”

According to the Consumer Technology Association in 2016,

28 million fitness activity tracker devices including fitness watches were sold with over 2 billion dollars in revenue.

HELO fitness watch

HELO fitness watch is also known as the health and lifestyle oracle can,

monitor the heart rate and rhythm

monitor calories burned

check blood pressure

measure breathing or respiratory rate

measure daily steps

The HELO fitness watch can also sense your mood, it can tell if you are excited or fatigued.

Remote use of a fitness watch

This HELO fitness watch can also gather information and send reports.

You can use your smart phone to track loved ones.

You can enable alerts to be sent if certain parameters are off, such as a low blood pressure.

The HELO fitness watch can provide a health report summary.

This device also comes with a panic alert, a text message can be sent out along with a GPS location

The HELO fitness watch costs around $300

According to the manufacturer, there are plans to begin monitoring,

alcohol levels

oxygen levels


blood sugar levels

If you already have HELO, there is no need to purchase a new unit. The unit can be upgraded with a change of software.

Dr Ray Bisesi on the HELO device

“This technology is exciting and wearable medical technology is the trend of the future. Forbes predicts the market for wearable medical technology will explode from 3 billion this year to 34 billion in just 3 years! And not only does our device do BP and an ECG, but before the end of this year it will also assess blood alcohol levels, blood O2 levels, body temp, and get this… blood sugar levels, the days of patients sticking their fingers for blood samples are over!”

For more information see their website.

Medical device claims

Wearable devices such as fitness watches are not medical devices. They may be able to detect irregular heart rates and arrhythmias but they cannot ” diagnosis, treat or prevent a disease” according to the FDA otherwise they would be considered a medical device which would require premarket approval from the FDA.

How accurate are heart rate monitor watches?

A recent study in the American College of Cardiology looked at fitness watches and examined how accurate the wrist worn heart monitors wereResearchers at Cleveland Clinic placed wrist-worn heart monitors devices on participants to determine how accurately they gauge heart rate across several types of exercise and intensity levels. ”

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic placed wrist-worn heart monitor devices on participants to determine how accurately these devices gauge heart rate across several types of exercise and intensity levels.

According to the study, wrist-worn heart rate monitors are less accurate than standard chest strap monitors.

“Based on their findings, the old-fashioned chest strap monitor is best, particularly for people who need to keep tabs on how quickly or slowly their heart is beating during activity, according to the study team.”

Why is heart rate determination important when working out?

Heart rate is often used as part of a formula to calculate how many calories are being burned during exercise.

Heart rate can also be used to help with training. Some people’s workout will be determined by a  percentage of maximum heart rate.

People with heart conditions may be told not to exercise beyond a certain heat rate.

The heart rate monitor watches that were used in this study include,

Apple Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch

Garmin Forerunner 235 Fitness Watch

Tom Tom Spark Cardio Fitness Watch

Results from the heart rate monitor watch study

The error of the wrist worn heart monitors ranged from 15 to 35 beats a minute

The chest strap monitor accurately measured heart rate when compared to heart rate monitor watches.

Summary of wrist worn heart monitors

Most heart rate monitor watch style devices accurately monitor the heart rate during rest and low intensity tredmill exercises.

The Apple fitness watch was able to determine heart rate accurately on an elliptical if there were no arm levers.

All of the wrist worn heart monitors were inaccurate when used on an elliptical with arm levers.

It is important to note that this study is limited due to its small size, larger studies are needed.

There is a concern for using these wrist worn heart monitor devices in people who need to accurately monitor heart rate because they have a heart condition.

What do you think of wrist worn heart monitors and fitness watches?



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