Helpful tips when trying to lose weight

Sit down when eating

  • “Slow spaced eating increased fullness and decreased hunger ratings in overweight and obese participants with T2DM, without the improvement in gut hormone responses found in normal-weight participants. Slow spaced eating may be a useful prevention strategy but might also help curb food intake in those already suffering from obesity and diabetes.”
  • You are more likely to consider what and how much you are eating when you are sitting.
  • If you are standing in front of the refrigerator you are probably preoccupied and not thinking about what you are munching on.

Eat slowly

easy weight loss tipsUse a small plate

  • Perception plays with our minds.
  • Even though the amount of food may be the same, you feel there is more food when eating from a small plate.
  • The same goes for a glass. My husband and I drink wine every night, we use small glasses from the dollar store. We drink less wine, it works.

Try to have fruit and vegetables with each meal

  • Eating fruits and vegetables during meals will leave less room for higher-calorie foods.

Fit 5 minutes worth of exercise into your schedule

  • When you are home there is no reason why you cannot do 5 minutes of jumping jacks, jumping ropes, jogging or marching in place.
  • When you are at work take stairs or march in place
  • Leave weights in readily accessible areas to pick them up and do some weight training.

When shopping skip the chip and cookie aisle

  • The chip aisle offers “empty calories”, there is no need to fill the cabinets with foods that are not healthy.
  • Substitute with nuts and fruits

Keep unhealthy foods out of reach

  • It is hard staying away from candies and snacks at times especially if your partner prefers them.
  • My husband has a candy stash in the garage. It may seem funny but it works for us.

Measure out portions and place into bags or containers to ensure you are not taking too much

Prepare healthy snacks ahead of time

  • Use reusable containers to store fresh salads and vegetables. These snacks will be ready when you have the desire to eat or you are running short of time.

Pack snacks

  • Try to pack something healthy like a few almonds in case you are running short of time and have limited choices.

Specialty coffee drinks can set you back

  • Specialty coffees can be loaded with calories, ensure you are aware of how many calories you are drinking.
  • Go with skim milk or ask that less  milk or cream are added into your drink

Think twice before ordering that high-calorie meal

  • Substitute a fresh garden salad wit grilled chicken

Next time you catch up with a friend try to work some exercise into it

  • You can meet at a park to walk.
  • The mall is a great area to walk when the weather is cold.
  • Try a class at a local gym

Surround yourself with positive people

  • Being around negative or critical people are more likely to increase your stress levels which can lead to poor choices or eat too much.
Angelopoulos T, Kokkinos A, Liaskos C, et al
The effect of slow spaced eating on hunger and satiety in overweight and obese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

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