I am a firm believer that we need to make the time for health and wellness in our lives. We are exposed to too many chemicals.

One of the ways you can live a healthier life is to do away with lot of the chemicals we are exposed to in everyday life.

You do not have to sell anything! You will learn how to live a chemical free life. There is an abundance of resources for business builders and non-business builders alike.

You will learn how to,

add essential oils to your beauty routine.

transition from chemical cleaners to safe cleaners that are natural and effective.

how to cook with essential oils if you choose to go this route.

how to craft DIY products that you can gift.

how to use these products for weight management

how to use these products for fitness

essential oil

What type of membership should you sign up for?

Take a look at wholesale distributor,  you’ll receive a 24% off retail discount.

All you have to do is spend $50 in product every year to keep your wholesale distributor status and receive the 24% discount.

You will have the option for essential rewards.  It’s available exclusively to Young Living wholesale members. You will obtain points towards future orders and free products. This can lead to you receiving 25% back in points for every purchase made. Combine the initial discount with the essential reward points and you are golden!

You do not have to “sell” or share oils in order to receive your discount. You would spend this on toothpaste, lotions, cleaning products, personal care items, make-up and a baby line called Seedling. Here is the product guide.

Remember, there is no selling unless you want to sell.

There is no annual renewal fee.

Your products will be shipped once a month. Change the date at anytime, change the product list at anytime and or cancel at anytime. I change my  monthly list depending on what I am running low on. I also use a lot of these products for birthday presents, I make sure I look to see what birthdays are coming up.

You can also do a quick order, order whenever you like and you will receive 24% off.

Get free product! Every month there are promotions. If you spend over a certain amount you will get free products.

Look at all the products I received for free in one month. I would have spent 75% of my order just to buy these products. Steal!

essential oils for sensitive skin


Which kit should I buy?

Take a look at the premium starter kit, it is the best buy. You have the option of buying essential oils or the Thieves toxin free home cleaning kit

How can you learn about essential oils?

Once you purchase your Premium Starter Kit you will be placed into a private online Facebook community. This is where we share product information, promotions, recipes, and build friendships.

Are you looking at the business opportunity?

Then you will need support. Our team includes marketers and graphic designers. Everything necessary for you to launch and grow your business will be at your fingertips.

With a this business  opportunity you can:

  • Get your products paid for with the essential rewards program
  • Be your own boss and not be tied to a 9 to 5 job
  • Join other entrepreneurs
  • Learn marketing and how to use facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to grow your business.
  • The sky’s the limit as far as income potential

The following resources and tools are provided to all of our team members for FREE:

  • Online Mentorship
  • Coaching
  • Scripts, graphics, documents, ebooks and information
  • The learning does not stop, there is always video, webinars and new information.

essential oils for sensitive skin

Why this company?

The experience and the seed to seal process. This company has been in business for over 20 years. In addition, each batch of oils is rigorously tested and they have a essential line that is safe for ingestion. It offers an array of products that allows me to live a chemical free life.

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