Salt or sugar craving

Do you ever crave salt or sugar?  I was on the plane the other day and the stewardess  asked me “salt or sugar?” I never heard it worded like this before. My first thought was that question was odd.  The more I thought about it  the more I realized this made sense. Most of us snack  or either salt or sugar. Today I would like to talk about salt or sugar cravings.

Why do we have salt or sugar cravingsSalt or sugar craving

Do you crave sugar? Do you find yourself looking for a sugar fix half way throughout the day. It could be that your body is now dependent on sugar. If you’re used to eating highly processed foods in your body becomes dependent on these highly processed foods. Sugar can give us a “high”. Those feel good hormones are released after we eat sugar. This makes it difficult to go without it.

The problem with processed foods is that the course is surgeon insulin. There’s a spike in insulin after we eat sugar, it then it drops dramatically and we feel exhausted. What are we doing we feel exhausted, we eat more sugar.It is a horrible cycle but just keeps on going on and on. Basically what is happening is that your body is becoming insulin resistance.

One way to break this sugar cycle is to make sure that you’re eating fat or protein in addition to sugar. Both protein and fat take longer time to breakdown. We did not see the same insulin spikes when we are eating protein and fat.

Salt or sugar craving

Why do we crave salty foods? Could be that our bodies are low on sodium? Couldn’t be that we just a lot our bodies to have salt so often that without a high intake we crave it? Usually, our kidneys do a good job maintaining sodium levels. Other factors that affect our sodium level. When we exercise we lose salt on our sweat. In addition, we know that coffee and tea or diuretics, don’t make us urinate more. Salt is lost in our urine when we urinate. Some medications will cause us to lose sodium and some medical conditions that affect our adrenal glands will also influence our sodium level.

As you can see there are many reasons why we may be craving salt. I prefer not to eat salty chips which are filled with carbohydrates.Instead I have been using these seaweed snacks that have less grams in sugar, no carbohydrates and fill my craving.

Do you have salt or sugar craving? Is so, what do you crave?

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