Saving Energy In Our Kitchen

If you have been following my blog then you know that I’m making every effort to go chemical free with the products that I use in my house and my body. The two rooms that we use the most amount of chemicals in our home would include the kitchen and the bathroom. What about energy expenditure.? Let’s talk about saving energy in our kitchen today!

Saving energy in our kitchen -Cooking

When cooking on the stove top do you use a cover? Using a cover will conserve will use less energy.  This makes sense because we’ll see less steam coming off of a pan that is covered compared to one that has a cover. That steam that we see is actually energy being wasted.

Do you have a toaster oven? If you’re eating something small did you know it’s more efficient to use a toaster oven compared to your full size oven.?

Do you preheat the oven? According to my husband,  “most people preheat the oven”. This may be true since most recipes and directions tell you to preheat the oven. Either way, the oven is getting hotter so you might as well heat the food while this is occurring. At least that is my argument. I do the same with a grill. I put the food on the grill before the grill is hot. I don’t see the point wasting that energy perhaps this is just me.

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Saving energy in our kitchen -Appliances

Do you ever find yourself looking into the refrigerator for snack? I know I do. I  look from shelf to shelf. I’ve gotten in the habit of making small snacks for myself that are easy to find in the refrigerator.  This allows me to save energy with my refrigerator and also allows me to eat healthier.

How old are your appliances? The newer appliances on the market are more energy-efficient. This is something to keep in mind when you’re thinking about updating an appliance. Try to look for appliances that are more energy-efficient. Did you know that it’s more energy-efficient to use  a larger refrigerator compared to a smaller one? On first glance, I think most of us would say it would take less energy cooling small refrigerators but this isn’t the case.

saving energy in the kitchenSaving energy in our kitchen -Saving water

Have you ever thought about how much clean water you use while washing the dishes? Do you leave the water running when you’re washing the dishes even though the water isn’t cleaning any particular dish at that moment? I am guilty of this. Did you know that it is estimated that dishwashers save onr third the water compared to washing dishes by hand?

Do you wait for the dishwasher to be full before you run the machine? Do you know if your dishwasher has an economy cycle option? These are all things to consider if you are trying to save energy in your kitchen.

Saving energy in our kitchen Recycling

What to do with those plastic bags you get from the grocery store? Do you throw them out do use them? I use those plastic bags to walk the dog. What are some of the ways that you use your plastic bags? I want to hear in the comments below!

Plastic takes a long time to degrade. We don’t know how long it takes for plastic bags to fully break down into organic matter. I have seen estimates of 300 years and even 1000 years. We’ve only had plastic retail bags in widespread use since the 1970s. It does take longer for bags to break down in a landfill as there is no light and air which prevents the decomposition process.

I live in a town where they are now placing $.05 charge for each plastic bag that is distributed. I see a lot of people carrying canvas bags or small tote bags to save the 5 cents. I think this is a good move for the environment. I myself have invested in these canvas bags. My problem is remembering to take these bags into the stores. Has that happened to you?

Do you and your family recycle?

Our garbage slider in the cabinet has two separate areas. This makes it easy to recycle. Are town has made it easier to recycle as well. I live in the town of Huntington on Long Island. It used to be that we had to separate plastic from paper and everything had to be in separate bundles. Now we can place all of these recyclable items together in one bin, it makes it easy to recycle. Ask if your town is willing to do this.

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